This is not just a course. This is my community!

When you purchase the Full Stack Developer Course you will get a lifetime membership to my Discord Channel, to discuss coding challenges and projects with other members, as well as get help if you are stuck. 

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I will be on Discord to help you out if you get stuck on any of my lessons, or my 22 Projects that you will be working through! 


I am a Software Developer (ex-Eurostar) who has spoken at Google UK, Amazon UK as well as various other venues about the importance of teaching others.

I quit the rat-race to focus on giving back by teaching coding through my YouTube channel as well as the non-profit FreeCodeCamp.

Born in Poland and raised in the UAE, I graduated from Dubai College majoring in Math, Physics and DesignTech before moving to the UK to attend University.

Fun fact: I worked as a Financial Derivatives Broker in Singapore and London in a past life!



I love taking something that is really complicated, and making it easy to understand through visuals and story telling.

I get a real kick out of it! Like puzzle solving or rubrics cubes.

I am fortunate enough to have been able to make a career out of teaching that I absolutely love, thanks to the people who (hopefully) thought I was good at it on my YouTube channel.


What can you do today to make someones life that little bit better?

I started out teaching during the pandemic, trying to help those who had lost their jobs or were trying to re-skill. Today I hope to help as many people as possible in an affordable and flexible way, that works around their current office hours and lives.



Some of the companies I have worked with:

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