Installment Plan Policy

Payment Policy 

You are responsible to pay for the Code With Ania Product in full (including all applicable sales and other taxes or fees) and for providing us with a valid credit card or other payment method. If you select the payment plan, your card will be charged the first payment of $179 USD when you register and subsequent payments of $179 USD will be charged on the same day of the month for 3 months, totalling $537USD. If you have selected a payment plan and you miss a payment, your account status will be changed to “delinquent.” You will immediately lose access to future Modules and Bonuses and your access to the Site and all Content will be revoked seven (7) days after your payment declines. You will also not receive access to future versions of the Program as it’s released until all payments are made in full. 


If your account remains in delinquent status for longer than sixty (60) days, the Company reserves the right to report any delinquent balance owed to a credit reporting bureau and/or collections agency subject to the Company’s sole discretion until the account is caught up and in good standing.


To be clear, The Full Stack Developer Course is not a subscription payment model that can be canceled.